A few Collected Radio Shows. More coming soon.

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Interview with EntrustCama Principal Carl Fisher. (CTS) Certified Trust Specialist and (CISP) Certified IRA Services Professional. Discussions will cover using your IRA effectively as a real estate investor.


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Join Entrust’s Kaaren Hall as she interviews Steve Dexter who will explain how to safely and easily use your self-directed IRA and retirement account to invest in an exploding foreclosure market! Self-directed retirement accounts are well suited to provide liquidity to a capital starved real estate market. Massive bank bail outs, another 2 Million homeowners losing their houses through foreclosure and a highly anxious stock market has produced great advantages for Entrust self-directed IRA investors! Steve Dexter is the best selling author of “Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich” and “Beat the Banks- Prosper in the Rising Wave of Bank Foreclosures”

Listen to internet radio with CaliforniaInvestor on Blog Talk Radio

Munzer Ghosheh Director of Business Development Entrust IRA Services interviews Michael Waldman, President and Founder of NXT Equities, a mortgage broker and active investor in mortgage trust deeds. Munzer and Michael will explain how you can take advantage of this uniqueinvestment opportunity using a self-directed retirement account.

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