Real Estate IRA Investments Can Rapidly Increase Tax-Free Wealth
By Adam D. King Platinum Quality Author

Real estate IRA investments are exciting options for growing your personal wealth quickly and with little risk. Most people are just starting to learn about the advantages. The leading IRA investments have always been stocks, mutual funds and certificates of deposit (CD), but things are slowly changing.

Investing in the stock market today is riskier than ever. If you follow finance news, you know that nearly everything is working against the stock market right now. Giant companies are reporting losses more often than not. Brokers usually recommend that if you wait, the stock market will recoup, but there is no guarantee. And, no matter how diversified the mutual fund, returns are dependent upon the stock market and the economy. There is no real risk associated with a bank CD, but earnings are low. For example, if you had a CD valued at $25,000 with a 3.5% interest rate, you would only earn $875 per year. You certainly cannot retire on $875 per year. Factor in the inflation rate and you may even be losing money.

With real estate IRA investments there is little risk if done right, earnings have the potential for tremendous upside, and returns can be seen quickly. You may have seen infomercials with testimonials from "everyday people" who make hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just by buying and reselling houses. You probably thought it all sounded "too good to be true". There are even disclaimers in fine print that read something like "earnings vary, results are not typical". The truth is that millions can be made by investing in real estate. It takes three things: money, time and knowledge.

You have the money. It's in your individual retirement account. If your brokerage is managing your money for you, it is likely that they never mentioned the real estate option. Only a few brokerages handle those kinds of investments. That's the real reason that it is not one of the leading IRA investments. In years to come, it may be, but you don't have to wait years to get started.

If you have a self-directed account, then you can start right away, if you have the time. In order to be successful with real estate IRA investments, you have to find the right deals. You would be looking for motivated sellers or fixer-uppers, if you want quick returns. Once you find them, you have to get them ready to resell or rent out. Once that's done, you have to find a buyer or renter. You either do all of this work yourself or you pay someone to do it for you. There is another option.

There are people who already have the necessary knowledge to find the deals. They have the time to make the deals. They know how to calculate probable profits. They know how to get the work done. They are successful real estate investors and some of them are willing to "take you by the hand", so to speak. The companies that these investors have formed may help real estate to become one of the leading IRA investments, because they make it easy for you.

When you leave your money with a bank, they pay you interest. Then, they take your money, loan it to someone else and charge them about 10% more than they pay you. Why not make the loan yourself and leave the middleman (the bank) out of the loop? Real estate IRA investments are like that. With a little help from the right people, you will have the money that you need for the retirement that you want, in much less time than you probably thought possible.

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